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  • Fire Detection Systems
    • From small Stand-Alone Systems to large 64 panel Networked Systems we can design a fire detection package to fit the needs of any size building, campus or industrial application.
  • Gas Detection Systems
    • Continuously monitors the environment for the presence of hazardous gases including Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Catalytic Combustible Gas and PointWatch IR Hydrocarbon Gas. 
  • Flame Detection Systems
    • Ultraviolet, Infrared or combination UV/IR Systems.
  • Agent Suppression Systems
    • FM 200, FE-13, Novec 1230, CO2 and Dry Chemical Systems are available.
  • PC Color Graphic Systems
    • Computer based Color Graphics Systems provide the end-user with the fastest means of identifying the exact location and device in Alarm.
  • Security Systems
    • Protect your property from after hours intrusion with a Security System designed to keep your assets safe.  Motion Detection, Glass Break, Fence Detection, Silent Alarm, Holdup/Panic are just a few of the features available.
  • Integrated Fire/Security
    • EST-3 Synergy System offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution for Fire, and Security.
  • CCTV Video Systems
    • Protection of property and assets utilizing fixed and or pan/tilt/zoom cameras with the incoporation of complete digital hi-resolution video recording, playback and CD storage/recovery for off-premiss veiwing.
  • Nurse Call/Healthcare Communications
    • Complete Nurse Call equipment including bedside, code and room annuciation to master panels and building graphics. Door controls including patient wandering and lock-down systems.
  • Overhead Paging Systems
  • Wireless Pocket Paging/Messaging Systems
  • Sound Masking

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